Connecting Africa to China

South African citrus debuts in growing Chinese market Hot

News Jul 29, 2021 0

The South African citrus season is well underway and a new harvest of ClemenGold mandarins is entering the Chinese market for the first time this year. The citrus industry in South Africa is enjoying a bumper year and global... Read more

Refrigeration breakthrough boosts China’s quantum computing aspirations

Energy Jul 28, 2021 0

A breakthrough in refrigeration technology has enabled Chinese scientists to reach temperatures nearing absolute... Read more

Chinese firm expands battery swap initiative, includes EU

Technology Jul 22, 2021 0

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, NIO, has outlined plans to build more than 4... Read more

China 3D prints a retractable bridge in just three days Hot

Technology Jul 16, 2021 0

China has unveiled its first 3D-printed retractable bridge. Located in Shanghai’s Wisdom Bay Innovation... Read more

Chinese astronauts in first spacewalk in more than decade

Technology Jul 15, 2021 0

A pair of astronauts aboard China’s Tiangong space module have completed a successful spacewalk.... Read more
China overtakes world in the adoption of electric buses
China owns and operates 99% of the 385 000 electric buses in the world.  9 500 cutting-edge electric buses are...
WHO gives Sinovac the all-clear
The leading public health authority, the World Health Organisation (WHO), has officially approved the Chinese-developed Sinovac Biotech Covid vaccine....
China builds a highway that charges your car while you drive
A ‘solar-super highway’ between Hangzhou and Ningbo is expected to be open to the public in 2022 This new...