Connecting Africa to China
China overtakes world in the adoption of electric buses
China owns and operates 99% of the 385 000 electric buses in the world.  9 500 cutting-edge electric buses are...
China builds a highway that charges your car while you drive
A ‘solar-super highway’ between Hangzhou and Ningbo is expected to be open to the public in 2022 This new...
Tesla opens first ever factory in China
The American electrical vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, has opened up its first ever wholly-owned assembly plant in Shanghai, China, after...
South African citrus debuts in growing Chinese market
The South African citrus season is well underway and a new harvest of ClemenGold mandarins is entering the Chinese market for the first time this year. The citrus industry in South Africa is enjoying a bumper year and global exports are up, with soft citrus like the ClemenGold variety... Read more
Refrigeration breakthrough boosts China’s quantum computing aspirations
A breakthrough in refrigeration technology has enabled Chinese scientists to reach temperatures nearing absolute zero. This significant scientific advancement may provide the edge needed for China to become self-sufficient in the quantum computing industry. Representatives at the Beijing-based Institute of Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) say... Read more
Chinese firm expands battery swap initiative, includes EU
Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, NIO, has outlined plans to build more than 4 000 battery swap stations worldwide by the end of 2025, 1 000 of which will be outside of mainland China. The Shanghai-based EV unicorn made the announcement at its Power Day, which the company held on... Read more
China 3D prints a retractable bridge in just three days
China has unveiled its first 3D-printed retractable bridge. Located in Shanghai’s Wisdom Bay Innovation Park, the proverbial Mecca for 3D technology firms, the near-10-metre bridge is controlled via Bluetooth and retracts or unfurls in around a minute. The massive feat is viewed by those close to the project as... Read more
Chinese astronauts in first spacewalk in more than decade
A pair of astronauts aboard China’s Tiangong space module have completed a successful spacewalk. The momentous achievement for both the astronauts and China’s manned space program marks another significant milestone for China’s space ambitions for the moon, Mars and beyond. In June, The Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) launched three... Read more
Chinese rover tackles ‘Roof of the World’ to better understand climate change
Just a few short weeks after China successfully landed its Zhurong Rover on the surface of Mars, researchers have deployed a similar rover to explore the inhospitable terrain on the ‘Roof of the World’, the Tibetan Plateau. The car-sized rover, named Pandengzhe or ‘The Climber’, spent five days on... Read more
Sinovac cleared for use in South Africa
The Chinese-developed coronavirus vaccine, Sinovac, has been approved for use in South Africa and the first order has been placed. The vaccine is the first Chinese vaccine to receive approval from the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA). South Africa is currently in the throes of its third... Read more
World’s second largest hydropower plant goes live in China
The massive Baihetan hydropower plant in southwest China is now operational. Officially the second-largest hydropower facility on the planet, when operating at maximum capacity, the Baihetan facility will produce around 16 gigawatts of electricity, all by harnessing the power of the mighty Yangtze River. After a successful three-day systems... Read more
Ten-storey building goes up in just over a day
A video of a ten-storey building being built in just over a day has captured the attention of internet users worldwide. The video shows the erection of the large residential skyrise building in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. Assembled by a small crew of builders and several cranes, the multi-level... Read more
China and Egypt cooperate on Africa’s tallest building
The skyline of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital (NAC) will be forever changed after the Iconic Tower, Africa’s tallest building was completed, thanks to the latest Sino-African cooperation. Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, Essam el-Gazzar, said the new 385-metre skyscraper was modern Egypt’s latest architectural achievement. Construction of... Read more