Connecting Africa to China
New Chinese water megaproject could see it become a nett food exporter
Chinese officials have announced a massive infrastructure project that will reroute water from the Three Gorges Dam to Beijing, in an effort to boost food production in the country’s drier regions by as much as 540 million tons. Freshwater resources are concentrated predominantly in the country’s south and east.... Read more
South Africa eyes Chinese EVs for green minibus taxi solution
Cape Town-based mobility firm, GoMetro, has assembled a group of companies and research agencies to test electric minibus taxis in the Western Cape town of Stellenbosch. The news comes as surging fuel prices and emissions targets are forcing many of the world’s governments to move away from fossil fuels... Read more
China ups its investment in Zimbabwe to support its EV efforts
Bikita lithium mine in Zimbabwe will receive a mammoth $200 million investment after Chinese mining firm, Sinomine Resource Group, announced it plans to construct a complex capable of producing millions of tons of lithium ore per annum. Realising the strategic importance of the element in the electric vehicle (EV)... Read more
China helps Zimbabwe upscale lithium mining capacity
Huayou, the Chinese chemicals and minerals firm, says it expects to create 1 000 new job opportunities for local Zimbabweans during the construction and development phase of the new Arcadia lithium project. The announcement came after the Tongxiang-based company acquired the project from several Prospect Resources Plc shareholders in... Read more
China looks to build high-speed train service between Johannesburg and Durban
China has contacted South African officials regarding the construction of a high-speed rail network and several other large projects, including 5G infrastructure. Large-scale investment into the country is expected to create thousands of jobs in the next three years, said Chinese ambassadors to South Africa. The ambitious rail project... Read more
SA farmers make further inroads into lucrative Chinese fruit markets
After a bumper year in 2021, South African farmers are gearing up for another stellar export season. Last year, citrus, wine, apple and maize exports saw significant growth. This year, South African pear farmers have cause for celebration as the Chinese market has finally opened up to them. The... Read more
China-Africa trade show wraps up with promise of more cooperation
The second-ever China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo in Changsha has wrapped up, strengthening the bond between the two trade allies. The four-day event themed ‘New Start, New Opportunities, and New Accomplishments’ was held in person and online, and featured nearly 1 000 enterprises and government officials, including representatives from... Read more
China’s love of South African lemons boosts trade
South Africa’s citrus season may be coming to an end, but local lemon exporters can look forward to a welcome increase in their export numbers to China. In June 2021, South Africa’s Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development signed a new shipping protocol, allowing farmers and exporters... Read more
Kenyan payment startup makes Afro-Sino trade a breeze
Kenyan fintech startup, Wapi Pay, recently raised $2.2 million in a pre-seed round of funding, the largest of its kind on the continent. The African startup specialises in cross-border payments between Africa and Asia using bank accounts and mobile money platforms. Wapi Pay was founded in 2019 by brothers... Read more
Ten-storey building goes up in just over a day
A video of a ten-storey building being built in just over a day has captured the attention of internet users worldwide. The video shows the erection of the large residential skyrise building in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. Assembled by a small crew of builders and several cranes, the multi-level... Read more