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China overtakes world in the adoption of electric buses
China owns and operates 99% of the 385 000 electric buses in the world.  9 500 cutting-edge electric buses are...
Chinese tungsten breakthroughs encouraging for space and industry
A team of researchers in Hefei, China, have developed what they claim is the strongest pure form of tungsten. The super-strong material has a tensile strength greater than most alloys, making it a prime candidate for many demanding projects, including nuclear reactors, aircraft, satellites and heavy machinery. Tungsten (or... Read more
China powers ahead with new Gobi Desert renewable installation
China has announced plans to install 450GW of renewable power in the Gobi Desert. The nation’s planning committee said the massive project would combine both solar and wind facilities and would dwarf similar operations in the region. The announcement comes as Beijing continues to implement measures to end its... Read more
China first to pilot commercial solid-state EV battery
One of China’s largest motoring firms, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, has delivered fifty electric vehicles (EVs) powered by the firm’s solid-state battery, for demonstration. Often referred to as the ‘Holy Grail’ of EV technologies, solid-state batteries are significantly more efficient than traditional liquid-electrolyte power units. The EV, Dongfeng’s E70 model,... Read more
Chinese battery swap service helps drive new EV sales
Chinese-based electric vehicle (EV) battery firm, Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), has launched a battery swapping service. The world’s largest producer of EV batteries says it will allow EV users to swap out batteries in a minute, hopefully alleviating much of the “range-anxiety” experienced by prospective EV owners who might... Read more
Chinese scientists use electricity to boost crop yields
A team of Chinese scientists has developed a little-known method to increase the yields of certain crops using electricity. Working out of Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Sciences, the researchers found that pea yields were increased by almost 20% when a rain- and wind-powered triboelectric nanogenerator was among the plants.... Read more
China’s artificial sun continues to smash energy records
China’s “artificial sun” continues to shatter records. This time, the hyper-expensive fusion reactor recorded temperatures five times greater than the surface of the sun. Scientists are hopeful the feat may be the next step to unlocking unlimited power – the holy grail of clean energy. Secured in Hefei, China,... Read more
China confident about new floating nuclear rig
Chinese engineers are confident their first floating nuclear reactor is sturdy enough to withstand gale force winds. The offshore reactor, located in the Bohai Sea, is used to power ocean-based oil rigs and is reportedly capable of toughing out “once in 10 000-year” storms. The novel 60GW (gigawatt) reactor was... Read more
Chinese robotaxis set for US market
In the final days of 2021, Zeekr, the Geely-owned manufacturer announced it had teamed up with Waymo, one of the United States’ largest self-driving tech companies, to create a fleet of driverless ‘robotaxis’. Zeekr, the year-old electric vehicle (EV) startup, has created a significant disturbance in the industry. According... Read more
Chinese scientists develop new uranium from seawater extraction method
A team of Chinese researchers has developed an ultra-absorbent material capable of extracting uranium from seawater. Inspired by the blood vessels inside our anatomy, the group’s new method is reportedly 20 times more efficient than previous techniques. Uranium extraction processes on land involve traditional practices like in-situ leaching and... Read more
China forges ahead in green hydrogen production
A team of Chinese researchers has developed a new self-supporting, 3D electrode that reduces overpotential, taking another step towards large-scale green hydrogen production. Hydrogen energy development is keenly pursued by the world’s top minds as it is considered one of the least environmentally impactful energy sources available. Green hydrogen,... Read more