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China overtakes world in the adoption of electric buses
China owns and operates 99% of the 385 000 electric buses in the world.  9 500 cutting-edge electric buses are...
China finds way to make animal feed from carbon monoxide
Chinese scientists have developed a method to create animal feed from carbon monoxide. The breakthrough could ease China’s reliance on vast amounts of imported soya beans to feed its enormous livestock population. The Feed Research Institute of China’s Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) said it developed a method to... Read more
Chinese flying car a step closer to commercial launch
HT Aero, a Guangzhou-based startup backed by Chinese tech unicorn, Xpeng, has secured $500 million to build flying cars, with a potential eye on a 2024 commercial launch date. The round of funding is the single-largest in Asia’s relatively new low-flying vehicle sector to date, according to Business Wire. The... Read more
China powers ahead towards clean energy goals
China is closer than expected to a clean energy transition. In a few years, the majority of China’s solar energy will be cheaper than coal. According to a report issued jointly by Harvard, Tsinghua, Renmin and Nankai Universities, China, the planet’s chief emitter, is on track to achieve the... Read more
Synthesising starch from carbon dioxide boosts Chinese environmental goals
A group of Chinese researchers have managed to synthesise starch from carbon dioxide, more efficiently than nature. Scientists hope that creating the highly versatile material in industrial laboratories will save land and water, lessening the burden on traditional agriculture. Researchers at the Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, an affiliate... Read more
China tests new, safer thorium-powered nuclear plant
Continuing its swift transition to greener energy sources, China is preparing to test a new thorium-powered nuclear plant. Thorium is viewed by the scientific community as more efficient and cleaner fuel than traditional materials. The news comes in the same week Chinese president, Xi Jinping, announced China would cease... Read more
China announces pumped hydropower to increase four-fold
China has announced plans to ramp up its hydro-pumped storage capacity by as much as 400% to bolster the nation’s fast-growing solar and wind power facilities. A 2021-2035 development plan issued by China’s National Energy Administration outlines ambitions to increase China’s pumped hydro capacity, currently around 32 GW, to 62... Read more
Smartphone giant enters the electric vehicle market
In September, Xiaomi announced the registration of its electric vehicle (EV) company, Xiaomi EV Inc. The Chinese electronics manufacturer will enter the market with $1.55 billion in capital and has named company founder and CEO, Lei Jun, as its legal representative, according to Reuters. Since announcing its EV intentions... Read more
Chinese self-driving giant launches powerful new chip for auto industry
Beijing-based internet giant, Baidu, has developed a new chip as well as a “robocar”. The driverless concept car was created to showcase the computing power of the semiconductor, according to a report from CNBC. Unveiled at Baidu’s annual world conference in mid-August, the second-generation microchip, Kunlun 2, has recently... Read more
China advances green hydrogen megaproject
China has just approved a massive renewables megaproject. The Asian behemoth, which has set the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2060, gave the go-ahead to begin development on a power plant that will use solar and wind energy to create green hydrogen in the sparse Inner Mongolian region.... Read more
China to create a solar farm in space
Straight from the pages of science fiction, China says it plans on building a massive, orbiting solar farm in space. The energy plant would beam a powerful solar beam towards ground stations 24 hours a day. Orbiting solar farms have been in scientific consciousness since the 1960s. The concept... Read more