Connecting Africa to China
Chinese ‘Flubber’ has real applications despite 1 April launch
Scientists have developed what social media users have dubbed the ‘magnetic turd’ and they hope the medical field will one day employ to retrieve foreign objects from inside the body. The Chinese researchers responsible for the slimy creation say the brownish, slug-shaped substance, immediately compared to the 1997 sci-fi... Read more
Beijing Olympics turns to technology to keep athletes safe
With the Beijing Winter Olympics officially underway, more than 3 000 of the planet’s finest athletes are once again wowing supporters with their incredible abilities on ice and snow. However, life for competitors inside the “closed-loop” Olympic village may seem otherworldly. Because of the Republic of China’s zero-tolerance approach... Read more
China promises more support for Africa at FOCAC
Chinese president, Xi Jinping, pledged to donate a further one billion Covid-19 vaccines to Africa. Beijing also said it would invest no less than $15 billion in the continent over the next 36 months. Xi’s announcement, which was broadcast via video link, was made at the opening of the... Read more
Chinese scientists trial new Covid-19 antibody treatment
As the globe continues to get to grips with the pandemic, a new Chinese antibody therapy for Covid-19 is showing promise. The experimental treatment has been greenlit for 14 patients in a Beijing hospital. Early results of the breakthrough method indicated a significant reduction in the viral load of... Read more
Chinese radiation technique could eradicate malaria in Africa
Chinese researchers are using radiation treatment to combat malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. Home to more than 1.3 billion people, China recently eradicated the deadly disease and has turned its attention to assisting other malaria-affected countries, particularly those in Africa. Developed by several prominent researchers and scientists affiliated with... Read more
Chinese scientists develop breakthrough therapy to help combat blindness
A Chinese-led study has found a way to reverse the loss of eyesight in the elderly population, without the need for multiple injections and other intrusive methods. Created with assistance from a prominent Australian immunologist, the study may give hope to the 450 million people worldwide affected by vision... Read more
Sinovac cleared for use in South Africa
The Chinese-developed coronavirus vaccine, Sinovac, has been approved for use in South Africa and the first order has been placed. The vaccine is the first Chinese vaccine to receive approval from the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA). South Africa is currently in the throes of its third... Read more
WHO gives Sinovac the all-clear
The leading public health authority, the World Health Organisation (WHO), has officially approved the Chinese-developed Sinovac Biotech Covid vaccine. The vaccine, which has seen use in more than 30 countries, received the WHO’s emergency use status last Tuesday. This means it can now be considered by COVAX, the global... Read more
China joins calls for waiver of IP to help African vaccine efforts
China has lent its voice to the growing call for the temporary waiving of intellectual property (IP) rights for all Covid-19 vaccines. A groundswell of mostly developing nations have implored vaccine makers and major global players to relinquish IP rights for the life-saving vaccines and therapeutics. Calls to waive... Read more
China makes strides in new vaccine technology
With the race to produce vaccines one of the biggest challenges of our time, China may soon have its very own domestically produced messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine. The revolutionary vaccine technology has only been applied to the Pfizer-BioNtech and the Moderna vaccines so far and is hailed for... Read more