Connecting Africa to China
China builds a highway that charges your car while you drive
A ‘solar-super highway’ between Hangzhou and Ningbo is expected to be open to the public in 2022 This new...
China’s ambitious, transnational infrastructure plan
China’s One Belt One Road initiative is an ambitious infrastructure plan across 68 countries in Central Asia and Russia....
Incubation zone for China-Africa trade
An incubation zone will facilitate trade between Africa and China The China-Africa Economic and Trade Incubation Zone will be located in Changsha, China An incubation zone to provide a single point to facilitate trade between China and Africa is being set up in Gaoqiao Grand Market in the capital... Read more
Underground autonomous delivery system for Xiongan
A magnetic-suspension delivery loop is in the works in Xiongan The autonomous system will be constructed in the next two to three years An intelligent delivery system that connects logistic centres, supermarkets, warehouses and industrial parks is to be built underground in Hebei Province, north of China. The system... Read more
China launches 5G
Three state telecoms rolled out 5G services on 1 November 5G, or fifth generation internet, will have super fast speeds and wider coverage China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom made 5G plans available in stores and online from Friday,1 November. 5G promises to reduce lag while increasing speed,... Read more
The RuralStar Solution
Huawei helps bridge the digital gap in African rural areas since 2017 The RuralStar solution provides network coverage to more than 40 million people Huawei released RuralStar, which connects rural areas to cost-effective mobile broadband and voice services, two years ago. RuralStar has been rolled out in over 20... Read more
Apple launches China Clean Energy Fund
China and Apple have formed the China Clean Energy Fund The project will supply 134 megawatts of clean energy to China’s national grid Apple launched the first of its kind China Clean Energy Fund in 2018 to connect suppliers with clean energy projects in China. Along with Apple, 10... Read more
Northern China to get a ‘forest city’
China’s first forest city will have more than 40 000 trees It will be self-sufficient with a host of environmental benefits China is to get its first forest city — 175 hectares of trees, shrubs, and plants that cover the buildings and form vertical forests – in Liuzhou, in Guangxi,... Read more
China builds world’s largest air purifier
China has built an air purifier in Xian in Shaanxi province said to be the world’s biggest In experimental phase, the tower is performing well so far A 100m tall air purifier tower in the northern city of Xian in Shaanxi province, has been designed and built by scientists... Read more
Beijing sets its sights on an AI deep-sea base
China plans to build a deep-sea base for unmanned submarine science and defence operations The first of its kind sea base is planned in the South China sea China plans to build an unmanned deep-sea base in the South China sea that will be the first artificial intelligence colony... Read more
China to open the world’s largest waste-to-energy plant
A waste-to-energy plant is set to open in Shenzhen in 2020 This waste-to-energy plant will be the biggest of its kind worldwide Modern metropolis, Shenzhen, that links Hong Kong to China’s mainland, produces over 15 000 tons of waste a day. This major city, home to 20 million people, expects... Read more
Ethiopia and China work together on US$300m project
Construction on an industrial park is set to commence in Adama City by the end of 2019 China is fitting 85% of the bill; Ethiopia is covering the remaining 15% Joint efforts between China and Ethiopia to position Ethiopia as a leading manufacturing hub by 2025 are going ahead... Read more