Connecting Africa to China
China builds a highway that charges your car while you drive
A ‘solar-super highway’ between Hangzhou and Ningbo is expected to be open to the public in 2022 This new...
Tesla opens first ever factory in China
The American electrical vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, has opened up its first ever wholly-owned assembly plant in Shanghai, China, after...
China’s ambitious, transnational infrastructure plan
China’s One Belt One Road initiative is an ambitious infrastructure plan across 68 countries in Central Asia and Russia....
China steps up the game in surveillance
Chinese researchers have designed a 500-megapixel facial recognition camera The camera can identify faces in massive crowds The development of a 500-megapixel facial recognition camera by scientists at the Fudan University and Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has changed the... Read more
Drone delivery an option in China
Chinese company has been using drones as a delivery option in four pilot regions in China since 2016 will soon launch 150 drone facilities to expand this offering, China’s biggest online retailer and e-commerce giant, started piloting delivery of parcels by drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles,... Read more
Chinese grow jobs in Kenya
Chinese firms in Kenya have created around 130 000 jobs for Kenyans 50 000 local jobs created in 2018 Over 400 Chinese operated businesses in Kenya have collectively created about 130 000 jobs for local residents, according to the 2018/19 Social Responsibility Report by the Kenya China Economic and Trade Association. In... Read more
China to host South African students
The Chinese embassy in South Africa has arranged for 31 student leaders to travel to China The students will participate in a two-week summer camp and exchange programme Thirty-one student leaders who belong to the South African Students Congress have been selected to take part in an exchange programme... Read more
Artificial intelligence could save China’s pig farms
The viability of pig rearing in China has been threatened by the rapid spread of swine fever Chinese technology firms may have found a solution with smart farming technology Almost one-third of China’s pig herds have been wiped out by swine fever or culling as a result of the... Read more
Ethiopia and China work together on US$300m project
Construction on an industrial park is set to commence in Adama City by the end of 2019 China is fitting 85% of the bill; Ethiopia is covering the remaining 15% Joint efforts between China and Ethiopia to position Ethiopia as a leading manufacturing hub by 2025 are going ahead... Read more
Renewed confidence in “World’s Biggest Dam” in DRC
Africa’s Grand Inga Dam has hit multiple road blocks and development has been slow A new DRC president and Chinese funding may see the building of the dam power ahead The Congo River is home to the Inga Falls with an annual flow rate of about 42 000 cubic metres... Read more
Huawei announces rival operating system to iOS and Android
HarmonyOS set to be launched later this year The operating system will be launched on Huawei smartphones and later be available on multiple smart devices such as wearable technology Amid the ongoing trade war between China and the US, Huawei could soon lose access to Google’s Android operating system.... Read more
China is home to the world’s largest radio telescope
The 500m Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope is still in commissioning phase but is performing well The telescope has been in operation for 3 years and already identified 86 pulsars The Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, named FAST, has identified 86 pulsars, in partial achievement of its scientific goal. FAST, currently... Read more
China begins second HIV vaccine trial
Chinese scientists are developing a HIV vaccine – the first such vaccine to begin the second phase of clinical trial This is the first time a HIV vaccine has been given the green light for a second-phase human trial Scientists at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention... Read more