Connecting Africa to China
China ups its investment in Zimbabwe to support its EV efforts
Bikita lithium mine in Zimbabwe will receive a mammoth $200 million investment after Chinese mining firm, Sinomine Resource Group, announced it plans to construct a complex capable of producing millions of tons of lithium ore per annum. Realising the strategic importance of the element in the electric vehicle (EV)... Read more
China finds new way to safeguard blockchain from cyberattack
Chinese software engineers claim to have developed a method to safeguard blockchain networks from potentially harmful privacy breaches. Called Chang’An Chain or Chainmaker, its creators are confident it can protect sensitive or private information transfers from both conventional and increasingly sophisticated quantum attacks. Chainmaker was created by a team... Read more
New power plant to boost China’s move away from fossil fuels
China’s relentless drive to find fossil fuel alternatives continues. This time with the report that the world’s second-largest economy would construct a massive nuclear-powered steam plant in Lianyungang City. Early estimates suggest that the facility could prevent thousands of tons of coal from being burnt and releasing harmful greenhouse... Read more
Chinese astronauts prepare final stages of space station
Three Chinese astronauts have successfully blasted off into space aboard the Shenzhou-14 spacecraft. This is what they will call the home for the final six months of its construction. During their 180-day stay, the astronauts will conduct several experiments and oversee the rendezvous and docking of two crewless modules... Read more
Chinese robot worms set to shake up pipeline diagnostics
Chinese scientists claim to have built tiny robot worms that can navigate and inspect narrow pipes with endoscopic cameras. The novel invention could pave the way for a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to pipeline exploration and diagnostics. Researchers say their creation is best suited to exploring aircraft pipes,... Read more
China ups its efforts to find a ‘new Earth’
Chinese astronomers are looking for an Earth 2.0 to colonise, as per a May announcement from Chinese state media. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has requested funding to construct and launch a massive telescope capable of spotting hospitable space bodies lightyears away and which may hold the key to... Read more
China’s floating fish farms set to revolutionise aquaculture
China recently launched a massive floating fish farm in the coastal city of Qingdao. Named Guoxin 1, the 250 metre vessel left port in late May and will process 3 700 tons of fish every year, according to the Chinese Academy of Fishery Services. Constructed by the Qingdao Conson... Read more
China plans massive new solar farms for the Yellow Sea
A tender to build several massive solar farms at sea has been issued by Shandong province. A critical industrial hub for China, Shandong’s latest renewables project promises to generate roughly 11.25 gigawatts of power. This is enough electricity to cover New Zealand’s peak energy consumption requirements. Already home to... Read more
China helps Zimbabwe upscale lithium mining capacity
Huayou, the Chinese chemicals and minerals firm, says it expects to create 1 000 new job opportunities for local Zimbabweans during the construction and development phase of the new Arcadia lithium project. The announcement came after the Tongxiang-based company acquired the project from several Prospect Resources Plc shareholders in... Read more
Chinese space rover forces rethink over water on Mars
China’s Mars rover has made another discovery that may force astronomers to address previous hypotheses regarding the origins of water on the red planet. The Zhurong Rover, part of the China National Space Administration’s (CNSA) ambitious Tianwen-1 project, has collected enough compelling evidence to suggest that a massive impact... Read more