Connecting Africa to China
China overtakes world in the adoption of electric buses
China owns and operates 99% of the 385 000 electric buses in the world.  9 500 cutting-edge electric buses are...
China helps Kenya to add nuclear to its energy mix
After years of delays and pre-feasibility tests, Kenyan officials have selected two sites for the East African nation’s first nuclear energy production facilities. The project will be run in partnership with China’s National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). Kenya’s Nuclear Power and Energy Authority (NuPEA), scheduled to break ground at the... Read more
Chinese heavyweights team up in EV joint venture
Chinese automotive heavyweight BYD recently committed to running Baidu’s autonomous driving systems in its vehicles, with the partnership expected to boost profitability for both brands. Sources working closely with the companies told South China Morning Post (SCMP) that Baidu’s natively developed autonomous driving platform, Apollo Navigation Pilot (ANP), had... Read more
China/SA collaboration helps deliver 5G services to local markets
Local network operator, Rain, has collaborated with Oppo, one of China’s largest telecommunications companies to develop a new range of 5G routers for the South African market. The fifth-generation wireless system will reportedly be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 chipset, one of the brand’s most powerful semiconductors. Oppo would... Read more
Chinese lunar samples pique global research interest
Lunar samples returned by China’s Chang’e-5 mission have grabbed the attention of geologists and astronomers worldwide, starting a research frenzy as Chinese and international scientists alike clamour to have a peek at the alien rocks under a microscope. Scientists like Li Xian-Hua, who formerly dedicated their time and effort... Read more
China grows its battery swap capability for heavy-duty EVs
One of China’s largest car manufacturers and Volvo parent company, Geely, has announced plans to install battery swapping stations specifically for long-haul and heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs). Battery swapping services have been popularised in China for passenger vehicles as more drivers transition to electric alternatives. However, often larger vehicles... Read more
China makes strides in turning CO2 into fuel
Chinese engineers have successfully completed a pilot project that converts carbon dioxide into fuel. The only facility of its kind, researchers say the breakthrough method could alleviate some of the damage being done to the planet’s atmosphere by harmful greenhouse gases. Developed by Zhuhai Futian Energy Technology and Dalian... Read more
Chinese tungsten breakthroughs encouraging for space and industry
A team of researchers in Hefei, China, have developed what they claim is the strongest pure form of tungsten. The super-strong material has a tensile strength greater than most alloys, making it a prime candidate for many demanding projects, including nuclear reactors, aircraft, satellites and heavy machinery. Tungsten (or... Read more
China powers ahead with new Gobi Desert renewable installation
China has announced plans to install 450GW of renewable power in the Gobi Desert. The nation’s planning committee said the massive project would combine both solar and wind facilities and would dwarf similar operations in the region. The announcement comes as Beijing continues to implement measures to end its... Read more
China discovers glass beads on surface of the moon
China’s long-serving Yutu-2 lunar rover has made yet another discovery. This time in the form of several mysterious glass beads. Scientists are hopeful the grape-sized objects contain information about the moon’s history. It is not particularly difficult to find naturally occurring glass formations here on Earth. The substance is... Read more
China perfects rice strain that grows in salt water
A group of Chinese researchers have discovered a method to grow rice crops in saltwater. Scientists close to the experiment are hopeful the novel technique will play a significant role in shoring up China’s food security. Working at the Qingdao Saline-Alkali Tolerant Rica Research and Development Center, Wan Jili... Read more