Connecting Africa to China
China builds a highway that charges your car while you drive
A ‘solar-super highway’ between Hangzhou and Ningbo is expected to be open to the public in 2022 This new...
Tesla opens first ever factory in China
The American electrical vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, has opened up its first ever wholly-owned assembly plant in Shanghai, China, after...
China’s ambitious, transnational infrastructure plan
China’s One Belt One Road initiative is an ambitious infrastructure plan across 68 countries in Central Asia and Russia....
Latest launch puts China closer to new space station
China has successfully launched the penultimate module for its space station. In late July, the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) released a statement to the press confirming one of two laboratory modules entered orbit and is meeting up with the almost-complete Tiangong space station. The launch comes while the... Read more
China uses robot help to build world’s longest single-tower suspension bridge
China has constructed the world’s longest single-tower suspension bridge, completed on schedule thanks to some robot helpers, according to engineers. Nestled high in the mountains of the country’s south-eastern hills, the half-mile Luzhijiang bridge cuts travel times between major cities in the Yunnan region significantly. One of many belt... Read more
Chinese EV firm expands into robopet market with rideable unicorn
A Chinese electric vehicle (EV) giant has completed a round of funding where it raised $100 million to develop and manufacture “rideable robot unicorns” for kids. Xpeng Robotics and several backers concluded the Series A round in a month where total investments in China have slumped under the weight... Read more
Chinese robofish cleans up ocean microplastics
A group of Chinese scientists has developed a robot fish that ”eats” microplastics. The Sichuan-based team is hopeful the fry-size robofish could play a crucial role in cleaning the world’s oceans and waterways. Microplastics are fragmented plastic particles measuring no more than 5 millimetres that break down from shopping... Read more
China unveils first solar-electric vehicle
A group of Chinese companies has collaborated to develop and manufacture what is the country’s first solar-electric vehicle (SEV). The Tianjin solar car turned heads when it was unveiled during the sixth annual World Intelligence Conference on the Chinese mainland. The prototype was built in only five months and... Read more
Chinese turn to solar to boost fish output
A Chinese renewables firm has installed a massive solar plant above a fishery in Cangzhou, Heibei Province. The development comes during a period where numerous farmers worldwide are scrambling to incorporate green solar and wind infrastructure into their businesses. Concord New Energy, a renewables company that specialises in solar... Read more
China a step closer to hypersonic passenger airliner
Chinese researchers have successfully tested an ultra-lightweight, unmanned hypersonic airliner prototype. Dubbed the Nanqiang No. 1, the one-of-a-kind technology demonstrator was tested in a specialised laboratory, recording speeds nearing Mach 6. Engineers working close to the Nanqiang project told Chinese state media that a prototype could be airborne as... Read more
New Chinese computer rivals human brain
A Chinese supercomputer just ran an AI model so complex and sophisticated that it’s comparable to the human brain. The novel machine dealt with more than 174 trillion parameters, roughly equalling the number of synapses in the brain by some estimates, revealed a report from South China Morning Post... Read more
China finds new way to safeguard blockchain from cyberattack
Chinese software engineers claim to have developed a method to safeguard blockchain networks from potentially harmful privacy breaches. Called Chang’An Chain or Chainmaker, its creators are confident it can protect sensitive or private information transfers from both conventional and increasingly sophisticated quantum attacks. Chainmaker was created by a team... Read more
New power plant to boost China’s move away from fossil fuels
China’s relentless drive to find fossil fuel alternatives continues. This time with the report that the world’s second-largest economy would construct a massive nuclear-powered steam plant in Lianyungang City. Early estimates suggest that the facility could prevent thousands of tons of coal from being burnt and releasing harmful greenhouse... Read more