Connecting Africa to China
Chinese electric car maker to enter European market
Aiways has obtained the necessary permits and certifications to enter Europe Aiways is a Shanghai-based startup that will begin selling in China this month Aiways introduced its electric vehicles to the Chinese market in November 2019 and plans to expand to Europe in 2020, with a focus on Norway,... Read more
China uses 5G to boost tomato crops
China has turned to 5G technology to increase productivity of its tomato crops A new smart greenhouse facilitates this revolutionary technology A new greenhouse at Wuzhen International Internet Agriculture Expo Park will boost China’s tomato production through the use of newly launched 5G technology. 5G technology is expected to... Read more
China is working on an electric helicopter
Chinese researchers are developing an electric helicopter The goal is to develop a prototype for demonstration purposes Chinese researchers are developing an electric helicopter, starting with the tail rotor, according to the China Helicopter Research and Development Institute in Jiangxi Province in China. Researchers and engineers at the institute... Read more
Underground autonomous delivery system for Xiongan
A magnetic-suspension delivery loop is in the works in Xiongan The autonomous system will be constructed in the next two to three years An intelligent delivery system that connects logistic centres, supermarkets, warehouses and industrial parks is to be built underground in Hebei Province, north of China. The system... Read more
China launches 5G
Three state telecoms rolled out 5G services on 1 November 5G, or fifth generation internet, will have super fast speeds and wider coverage China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom made 5G plans available in stores and online from Friday,1 November. 5G promises to reduce lag while increasing speed,... Read more
The RuralStar Solution
Huawei helps bridge the digital gap in African rural areas since 2017 The RuralStar solution provides network coverage to more than 40 million people Huawei released RuralStar, which connects rural areas to cost-effective mobile broadband and voice services, two years ago. RuralStar has been rolled out in over 20... Read more
China breeds Unicorns
A unicorn company is typically a privately-owned startup that reaches a $1 billion market value China has the highest concentration of unicorns in the world At the beginning of 2019, there were almost 500 unicornsin the world. The term unicorn was coined to emphasise the rarity of a startup... Read more
Alibaba expands in Africa
Alibaba has partnered with Flutterwave to provide African traders with Alipay Alipay is an online payment platform founded by Alibaba in China in 2004 Alipay, developed by Alibaba, the world’s second largest e-commerce company after Amazon, has over 900 million users worldwide. A partnership between Alibaba and Flutterwave will... Read more
M-Pesa and WeChat link up
Money transfers between China and Kenya made easier thanks to a partnership between M-Pesa and WeChat London-based fintech firm, SimbaPay, established the link between the two tech giants Millions of people in Kenya use M-Pesa, a cellphone-based service that offers money transfers, financing and microfinancing. Founded in 2007, M-Pesa... Read more
China steps up the game in surveillance
Chinese researchers have designed a 500-megapixel facial recognition camera The camera can identify faces in massive crowds The development of a 500-megapixel facial recognition camera by scientists at the Fudan University and Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has changed the... Read more