Connecting Africa to China
China and Italy to produce world’s first 3D-printed car
Italian company, XEV, has partnered with Chinese company, Polymaker They are going to launch the world’s first mass-produced 3D-printed electric car The first mass-produced 3D-printed electric vehicle was launched by Polymaker, a 3D printing company based in Shanghai, and XEV Italian company at the China 3D-Printing Cultural Museum at... Read more
Drone delivery an option in China
Chinese company has been using drones as a delivery option in four pilot regions in China since 2016 will soon launch 150 drone facilities to expand this offering, China’s biggest online retailer and e-commerce giant, started piloting delivery of parcels by drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles,... Read more
Guangzhou to pilot the world’s first air traffic city
Government signed a deal with EHang to launch its first urban air mobility pilot city programme EHang is a Chinese company that operates autonomous passenger and freight low-altitude vehicles Guangzhou has been chosen as the host city to pilot EHang’s air taxis. EHang will build its very first operational... Read more
Flights between China and Africa up 630%
There was only one direct flight between China and Africa in 2010 Now there are about eight direct flights between the two Flights between Africa and China have grown by 630% in the past decade. Chinese people flying home from their workplace in African countries previously had to make... Read more
China donates buses to Mozambique
China has identified the need for Mozambique to improve public transport China donated 100 new buses China’s donation of 100 buses to Mozambique in June has helped the African government to make progress towards its goal of distributing 1 000 buses across the country in five years. Mozambique has... Read more
China the power behind the electric vehicle revolution
Chinese sales of electric vehicles reached 1.1 million in 2018 This makes up over 55% of all electric vehicles sold worldwide The world is in a race against time to find alternative sources of energy that do not harm the earth, or are likely to run out soon. China... Read more
Chinese vehicle maker BAIC Group invests R11bn in SA
In 2016, Chinese vehicle manufacturer Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC) announced an R11 billion investment into a vehicle assembly plant near Port Elizabeth The plant is expected to begin production before the end of 2019 BAIC’s R11 billion investment is the single largest investment in South Africa in 40 years.... Read more
China to use airships to transport cargo
China has found a new way to transport cargo with large balloon-like ships China Aviation Industry General Aircraft company to build the airship starting in 2022 China is always on the lookout for new ways to transport goods in a cost-effective manner. Cargo airships may be the answer to... Read more
China pilots passenger drones
China chooses Ehang to develop passenger drones The drone – known as Ehang184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle – has wowed critics A quadcopter passenger drone has undergone numerous tests carrying actual passengers in conditions that have mimicked a category 7 typhoon, high temperatures and visibility-hampering fog scenarios. Chinese based drone... Read more
China tests its first hydrogen fuel plane
China is the 3rd country in the world to successfully complete a maiden flight with a hydrogen fuel plane This is a major step towards low-carbon & sustainable transport China has completed 10 test flights for its new hydrogen fuel aircraft as it tries out various tails and types... Read more