Connecting Africa to China
China overtakes world in the adoption of electric buses
China owns and operates 99% of the 385 000 electric buses in the world.  9 500 cutting-edge electric buses are...
China unveils first solar-electric vehicle
A group of Chinese companies has collaborated to develop and manufacture what is the country’s first solar-electric vehicle (SEV). The Tianjin solar car turned heads when it was unveiled during the sixth annual World Intelligence Conference on the Chinese mainland. The prototype was built in only five months and... Read more
South Africa eyes Chinese EVs for green minibus taxi solution
Cape Town-based mobility firm, GoMetro, has assembled a group of companies and research agencies to test electric minibus taxis in the Western Cape town of Stellenbosch. The news comes as surging fuel prices and emissions targets are forcing many of the world’s governments to move away from fossil fuels... Read more
Chinese micro EV surprises markets with consistent growth
The Chinese-made Wuling Hongguang Mini EV continues to dominate domestic electric vehicle sales, despite the diminutive vehicle being just two years into its release cycle. Industry experts believe the little car’s remarkable staying power is likely because of its incredibly modest price tag. At just $5 000, the Wuling... Read more
Chinese scientists develop rapid-charge EV battery
Researchers from several prominent Chinese institutions have reportedly charged a lithium-ion battery to 60% capacity in roughly five minutes. While the feat may seem inconsequential, slow recharge times and range anxiety in electric vehicles have long been recognised as primary factors for consumers not transitioning to the greener alternative.... Read more
China’s BYD says goodbye to internal combustion engine
One of China’s largest automotive brands, BYD, has discontinued manufacturing vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE). The last petrol and diesel-powered motor vehicles had rolled off factory assembly lines in March, announced a recent statement released by the Shenzhen-based firm. Instead, BYD is directing most of its research and... Read more
Chinese heavyweights team up in EV joint venture
Chinese automotive heavyweight BYD recently committed to running Baidu’s autonomous driving systems in its vehicles, with the partnership expected to boost profitability for both brands. Sources working closely with the companies told South China Morning Post (SCMP) that Baidu’s natively developed autonomous driving platform, Apollo Navigation Pilot (ANP), had... Read more
China grows its battery swap capability for heavy-duty EVs
One of China’s largest car manufacturers and Volvo parent company, Geely, has announced plans to install battery swapping stations specifically for long-haul and heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs). Battery swapping services have been popularised in China for passenger vehicles as more drivers transition to electric alternatives. However, often larger vehicles... Read more
China-Italy team-up rattles autonomous trucking market
Chinese startup, DeepWay, has teamed up with famed Italian design studio, Pininfarina, to create a semi-autonomous truck. The electrified heavy-duty truck, Xingtu, was designed to improve the efficiency, comfort and sustainability of long-haul transit. Founded in 2020, DeepWay, backed by internet mega-firm, Baidu, disrupted the industry when it announced... Read more
China first to pilot commercial solid-state EV battery
One of China’s largest motoring firms, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, has delivered fifty electric vehicles (EVs) powered by the firm’s solid-state battery, for demonstration. Often referred to as the ‘Holy Grail’ of EV technologies, solid-state batteries are significantly more efficient than traditional liquid-electrolyte power units. The EV, Dongfeng’s E70 model,... Read more
Toyota teams up with Chinese EV company
Global automotive giant Toyota has tapped Chinese firm BYD to build an affordable electric vehicle for the Chinese market. First reported in early December, the move is seen as an effort by the Japanese automobile company to fast-track its EV ambitions. Toyota, which enjoys a significant 8.8% ownership of... Read more