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China ups its efforts to find a ‘new Earth’
Chinese astronomers are looking for an Earth 2.0 to colonise, as per a May announcement from Chinese state media. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has requested funding to construct and launch a massive telescope capable of spotting hospitable space bodies lightyears away and which may hold the key to... Read more
Chinese space rover forces rethink over water on Mars
China’s Mars rover has made another discovery that may force astronomers to address previous hypotheses regarding the origins of water on the red planet. The Zhurong Rover, part of the China National Space Administration’s (CNSA) ambitious Tianwen-1 project, has collected enough compelling evidence to suggest that a massive impact... Read more
China’s record-breaking space mission prepares for return
The crew of China’s Shenzhou 13 mission is preparing to make a return voyage to earth from its lengthy off-planet excursion. When the record-setting trio does land safely back in Dongfeng, Inner Mongolia, in mid-April, they’d have spent more than six months in space. This smashes the relatively young... Read more
Chinese lunar samples pique global research interest
Lunar samples returned by China’s Chang’e-5 mission have grabbed the attention of geologists and astronomers worldwide, starting a research frenzy as Chinese and international scientists alike clamour to have a peek at the alien rocks under a microscope. Scientists like Li Xian-Hua, who formerly dedicated their time and effort... Read more
China builds the world’s first artificial moon
In a world-first, Chinese scientists claim to have successfully constructed an artificial moon. Capable of creating zero-gravity and limited-gravity environments at the switch of a button, the lunar stand-in will be used to prepare astronauts for moon-based operations and to learn more about how matter interacts in low-gravity. Recreating... Read more
Mystery moon hut one of many Chinese rover finds
A “mystery hut” has been spotted on the moon by China’s lunar rover, Yutu 2. The cube-shaped object was first observed in early December and since then has become a focus of mainstream media and the scientific community. It turns out the plucky car-sized rover has made several other... Read more
China’s new sea-launch capability boosts space goals
China is developing a ship capable of launching rockets into orbit, in an effort to increase launch safety and sustainability. Expected to enter service in a year, the “new-type rocket launching vessel” will ease the pressure on the four main launch sites, as China continues to expand its space... Read more
China opens world’s largest telescope to scientists
After listening intently to the sounds of the universe for 15 months, the world’s largest filled-aperture radio telescope is now available to all scientists who wish to use it. The colossal structure, roughly the size of 30 football fields, is capable of spotting objects 13.7 billion light years away... Read more
China achieves global SatNav independence
Beidou, China’s two decades-long global navigation satellite system project, is complete. The Long March 3B rocket carrying the final satellite necessary for the system, was successfully launched into orbit, ending China’s reliance on the United States for the technology. The launch, in Xichang, South China, was declared a success... Read more