Connecting Africa to China
Chinese scientists use electricity to boost crop yields
A team of Chinese scientists has developed a little-known method to increase the yields of certain crops using electricity. Working out of Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Sciences, the researchers found that pea yields were increased by almost 20% when a rain- and wind-powered triboelectric nanogenerator was among the plants.... Read more
China’s artificial sun continues to smash energy records
China’s “artificial sun” continues to shatter records. This time, the hyper-expensive fusion reactor recorded temperatures five times greater than the surface of the sun. Scientists are hopeful the feat may be the next step to unlocking unlimited power – the holy grail of clean energy. Secured in Hefei, China,... Read more
Chinese space mission finds water on the moon
The Chang’e 5 lunar lander, China’s latest moon-going vehicle, has become the first craft of its kind to locate water in real-time. The historic first has set the scientific community’s tongues wagging as researchers race to discover more about the anomaly. The presence of water was discovered at the... Read more
China confident about new floating nuclear rig
Chinese engineers are confident their first floating nuclear reactor is sturdy enough to withstand gale force winds. The offshore reactor, located in the Bohai Sea, is used to power ocean-based oil rigs and is reportedly capable of toughing out “once in 10 000-year” storms. The novel 60GW (gigawatt) reactor was... Read more
Mystery moon hut one of many Chinese rover finds
A “mystery hut” has been spotted on the moon by China’s lunar rover, Yutu 2. The cube-shaped object was first observed in early December and since then has become a focus of mainstream media and the scientific community. It turns out the plucky car-sized rover has made several other... Read more
Chinese scientists develop new uranium from seawater extraction method
A team of Chinese researchers has developed an ultra-absorbent material capable of extracting uranium from seawater. Inspired by the blood vessels inside our anatomy, the group’s new method is reportedly 20 times more efficient than previous techniques. Uranium extraction processes on land involve traditional practices like in-situ leaching and... Read more
Chinese scientists look to simulate the sun’s energy production
A team of Chinese scientists has achieved a breakthrough in the field of nuclear energy. Working out of a massive specialised facility in Shanghai, the research team has been trying to simulate how the sun creates energy. If successful, the scientists believe they could have a source of sustainable,... Read more
Geely unveils comfort-focused EV semi-truck
Farizon Auto, a subsidiary of Chinese automotive titan Geely, recently unveiled a new electric semi-truck. The commercial vehicle, still in its concept phase, is expected to make its debut on public roads by 2024, according to company insiders. Named the Homtruck, Geely’s latest EV project derived its name from... Read more
Tencent enters the chip war
Chinese internet giant, Tencent, has launched three domestically developed chips. The Shenzhen-based tech firm follows fellow Chinese heavyweight, Alibaba, which launched its chip in October. The announcement was made at the company’s Digital Ecosystem Summit in Wuhan in early November. Speaking at the summit, Dowson Tong Taosang, Tencent’s president... Read more
China makes giant leap in quantum computing
China has just completed building two new supercomputers with performance speeds that outstrip Google’s Sycamore – and that’s not even close. The pair of superconducting quantum computers perform sets of functions nearly instantaneously, whereas desktop computers would need around 30 trillion years to do the same. News of the... Read more