Connecting Africa to China
New Chinese water megaproject could see it become a nett food exporter
Chinese officials have announced a massive infrastructure project that will reroute water from the Three Gorges Dam to Beijing, in an effort to boost food production in the country’s drier regions by as much as 540 million tons. Freshwater resources are concentrated predominantly in the country’s south and east.... Read more
Chinese robofish cleans up ocean microplastics
A group of Chinese scientists has developed a robot fish that ”eats” microplastics. The Sichuan-based team is hopeful the fry-size robofish could play a crucial role in cleaning the world’s oceans and waterways. Microplastics are fragmented plastic particles measuring no more than 5 millimetres that break down from shopping... Read more
New power plant to boost China’s move away from fossil fuels
China’s relentless drive to find fossil fuel alternatives continues. This time with the report that the world’s second-largest economy would construct a massive nuclear-powered steam plant in Lianyungang City. Early estimates suggest that the facility could prevent thousands of tons of coal from being burnt and releasing harmful greenhouse... Read more
China’s floating fish farms set to revolutionise aquaculture
China recently launched a massive floating fish farm in the coastal city of Qingdao. Named Guoxin 1, the 250 metre vessel left port in late May and will process 3 700 tons of fish every year, according to the Chinese Academy of Fishery Services. Constructed by the Qingdao Conson... Read more
China plans massive new solar farms for the Yellow Sea
A tender to build several massive solar farms at sea has been issued by Shandong province. A critical industrial hub for China, Shandong’s latest renewables project promises to generate roughly 11.25 gigawatts of power. This is enough electricity to cover New Zealand’s peak energy consumption requirements. Already home to... Read more
Chinese scientists develop rapid-charge EV battery
Researchers from several prominent Chinese institutions have reportedly charged a lithium-ion battery to 60% capacity in roughly five minutes. While the feat may seem inconsequential, slow recharge times and range anxiety in electric vehicles have long been recognised as primary factors for consumers not transitioning to the greener alternative.... Read more
Chinese ‘sponge’ cities combat flooding and climate change
Chinese engineers and urban planners have decided to depart from traditional ‘grey infrastructure’ like dams, stormwater drains and catch basins that funnel excess water from our streets. Instead, Kongjian Yu, dean of Peking University’s College of Architecture, and his colleagues have decided to turn their cities into ‘sponges’. Yu... Read more
China’s BYD says goodbye to internal combustion engine
One of China’s largest automotive brands, BYD, has discontinued manufacturing vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE). The last petrol and diesel-powered motor vehicles had rolled off factory assembly lines in March, announced a recent statement released by the Shenzhen-based firm. Instead, BYD is directing most of its research and... Read more
China helps Kenya to add nuclear to its energy mix
After years of delays and pre-feasibility tests, Kenyan officials have selected two sites for the East African nation’s first nuclear energy production facilities. The project will be run in partnership with China’s National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). Kenya’s Nuclear Power and Energy Authority (NuPEA), scheduled to break ground at the... Read more
Chinese heavyweights team up in EV joint venture
Chinese automotive heavyweight BYD recently committed to running Baidu’s autonomous driving systems in its vehicles, with the partnership expected to boost profitability for both brands. Sources working closely with the companies told South China Morning Post (SCMP) that Baidu’s natively developed autonomous driving platform, Apollo Navigation Pilot (ANP), had... Read more