Connecting Africa to China
China offers plastic-eating bacteria as waste solution for oceans
With the state of our oceans of critical importance, scientists from China have discovered a plastic-eating bacteria that may be a tool to combat marine pollution. The results have set tongues wagging in the scientific community, but some analysts say more research is needed. A team of researchers from... Read more
Green light at end of Covid tunnel
China’s investment in its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has dropped more than 50% since the Covid-19 virus was identified in Wuhan early last year. However, funding into green BRI projects seems set for a significant boost. Chinese investment in its 138 BRI partners dipped 54% from 2019 to... Read more
Chinese fossil fuel giant bets on green hydrogen
Chinese fossil fuel mega firm Sinopec has teamed up with renewable energy companies to create ‘green hydrogen’ as part of China’s continued push towards the goal of carbon neutrality. The move is a necessary step for the oil-focused firm as the fossil fuel industry is becoming a thing of... Read more
China looks to international investors for green drive
China says it will turn to international investors to further its green crusade as it seeks to become a carbon-neutral country in the next 40 years. The Asian powerhouse said it would incentivise green financing by encouraging climate-friendly projects, enticing international investors to get behind green bonds, phasing out... Read more
World’s second largest solar farm lights up China
The world’s second-largest solar farm, 2.2Gw plant, has come online in China’s Qinghai Province. The unveiling comes shortly after President Xi Jinping told the United Nations Annual General assembly that China plans to go carbon neutral by 2060. The plant, in China’s sparsely populated northwest region, took around four... Read more
Volvo subsidiary to mass produce green concept car
Polestar’s 2020 electric vehicle concept car is to go into mass production in a carbon-neutral factory in China, according to the electric vehicle firm. The Polestar Precept made its debut earlier this year as a concept car with an emphasis on sustainability and cutting-edge tech instead of traditional performance... Read more
China moves to limit nitrous oxide emissions
Chinese chemical and gas company, Linggas, has started to capture and re-use nitrous oxide during nylon production using new technology. The greenhouse gas is 300 times more harmful to the ozone layer than carbon dioxide. The Beijing-based industrial giant, which sells industrial gases used in electronics, recently took strides... Read more
China grows its European e-bus footprint
Warren Buffet-backed Chinese automotive giant, BYD, has delivered a shipment of 106 new electric buses to Finland in the largest delivery ever received by the eco-conscious Scandinavian state. The transaction, the first between Finland and BYD, will see 64 buses introduced to the tarmac of the Finnish capital, Helsinki,... Read more
China pledges carbon neutrality by 2060
Xi Jinping, leader of the Chinese Communist Party and president of China, has pledged that his nation will become carbon neutral by 2060. He called for a “green revolution” and said China would scale up its targets under the Paris Climate Accord, in an address to the United Nations... Read more
Offshore wind farm capacity set for major growth
Global wind farm capacity is likely to grow nearly 800% by the end of 2030 – with China at the head of the pack, according to two recent reports. A report by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) indicates stronger than originally forecasted growth for the sector. The Energy... Read more