Connecting Africa to China
Chinese robotaxis set for US market
In the final days of 2021, Zeekr, the Geely-owned manufacturer announced it had teamed up with Waymo, one of the United States’ largest self-driving tech companies, to create a fleet of driverless ‘robotaxis’. Zeekr, the year-old electric vehicle (EV) startup, has created a significant disturbance in the industry. According... Read more
Toyota teams up with Chinese EV company
Global automotive giant Toyota has tapped Chinese firm BYD to build an affordable electric vehicle for the Chinese market. First reported in early December, the move is seen as an effort by the Japanese automobile company to fast-track its EV ambitions. Toyota, which enjoys a significant 8.8% ownership of... Read more
China unveils new EV, eyes global markets
Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, Xpeng, has unveiled a new flagship SUV. Called the G9, the semi-autonomous vehicle will make its international debut in Norway, before expanding into the global market. This announcement continues the trend by Chinese EV firms to establish a foothold in the EV-friendly nation, before expanding... Read more
Geely unveils comfort-focused EV semi-truck
Farizon Auto, a subsidiary of Chinese automotive titan Geely, recently unveiled a new electric semi-truck. The commercial vehicle, still in its concept phase, is expected to make its debut on public roads by 2024, according to company insiders. Named the Homtruck, Geely’s latest EV project derived its name from... Read more
Chinese flying car a step closer to commercial launch
HT Aero, a Guangzhou-based startup backed by Chinese tech unicorn, Xpeng, has secured $500 million to build flying cars, with a potential eye on a 2024 commercial launch date. The round of funding is the single-largest in Asia’s relatively new low-flying vehicle sector to date, according to Business Wire. The... Read more
Smartphone giant enters the electric vehicle market
In September, Xiaomi announced the registration of its electric vehicle (EV) company, Xiaomi EV Inc. The Chinese electronics manufacturer will enter the market with $1.55 billion in capital and has named company founder and CEO, Lei Jun, as its legal representative, according to Reuters. Since announcing its EV intentions... Read more
Chinese self-driving giant launches powerful new chip for auto industry
Beijing-based internet giant, Baidu, has developed a new chip as well as a “robocar”. The driverless concept car was created to showcase the computing power of the semiconductor, according to a report from CNBC. Unveiled at Baidu’s annual world conference in mid-August, the second-generation microchip, Kunlun 2, has recently... Read more
China debuts first sodium-ion, fast-charge EV battery
China’s largest electric vehicle (EV) battery producer, CATL, debuted its first sodium-ion battery in late July. This breakthrough in manufacturing means their new battery can charge to near capacity in only 15 minutes. The $200 billion, Ningde-based company confirmed it would establish a supply chain for the new product by... Read more
Chinese firm expands battery swap initiative, includes EU
Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, NIO, has outlined plans to build more than 4 000 battery swap stations worldwide by the end of 2025, 1 000 of which will be outside of mainland China. The Shanghai-based EV unicorn made the announcement at its Power Day, which the company held on... Read more
Chinese Mini EV selling up a storm
A small, unassuming electric vehicle (EV) from Chinese motoring firm, SAIC, is outselling Elon Musk’s money-printing machine, the Tesla Model 3, in China. The Hong Guang Mini EV, a joint venture between state-owned SAIC and US motoring giant General Motors, has sold more than 110 000 times units its... Read more