Connecting Africa to China
Second Chinese electronic vehicle takes on Scandinavian market
Electric vehicle (EV) maker, Nio, has announced plans to expand outside of China. The Tesla rival announced it would start deliveries to Norway by September 2020. Nio joins fellow Chinese EV manufacturer, Xpeng, in Norway, a nation that has more EVs per capita than any other country. The Shanghai-based... Read more
Chinese Mini EV selling up a storm
A small, unassuming electric vehicle (EV) from Chinese motoring firm, SAIC, is outselling Elon Musk’s money-printing machine, the Tesla Model 3, in China. The Hong Guang Mini EV, a joint venture between state-owned SAIC and US motoring giant General Motors, has sold more than 110 000 times units its... Read more
China’s first hypercar joins Italy’s motoring royalty
China’s Belt and Road Initiative has its first hypercar – loosely defined as the most superior of cars and a step up from a supercar. Silk EV, a new automotive startup in Italy, recently announced it would be collaborating with China’s oldest car maker, First Automotive Works (FAW), to... Read more
China’s BYD lands Columbian electric bus deal
Warren Buffet-backed BYD, the world’s largest electric bus manufacturer, has secured a contract from the city of Bogota, Columbia, for more than 1 000 new buses – the single biggest order of BYD electric buses outside of China ever. The contract was awarded to BYD after the Bogota City... Read more
Chinese tech and auto giants join forces
Two of China’s largest companies are teaming up to disrupt the automotive industry. Internet giant Baidu, and Chinese car manufacturer Geely, have announced a collaboration, continuing the trend of big tech companies diversifying into the future of passenger transportation. On 11 January, Geely, the largest car manufacturer in China,... Read more
KFC offers customers 5G self-driving food trucks
Self-driving 5G KFC ‘chicken trucks’ have been spotted in Shanghai, causing a stir on social media. In late November, Twitter users started noticing KFC trucks driving around the Shanghai city centre. The driverless, 5G-enabled food trucks are a project developed between Yum Foods, the parent company of KFC, and... Read more
Chinese firm goes live with hands-free driving
Chinese electric vehicle (EV) firm, Nio, has launched its semi-autonomous technology, which allows for hands-free driving using high-definition mapping technology. The Shanghai-based EV company’s navigation assistant – called Navigate on Pilot (NoP) – will be available via software update this month. The company, founded in 2014, says NoP is... Read more
China grows its European e-bus footprint
Warren Buffet-backed Chinese automotive giant, BYD, has delivered a shipment of 106 new electric buses to Finland in the largest delivery ever received by the eco-conscious Scandinavian state. The transaction, the first between Finland and BYD, will see 64 buses introduced to the tarmac of the Finnish capital, Helsinki,... Read more