Connecting Africa to China
New Chinese wind tunnel makes hypersonic space travel possible
A new wind tunnel may put China decades ahead in the race to further develop hypersonic technologies, according to a prominent Chinese physicist. The wind tunnel is the JF-22 facility, situated in Beijing’s Huairou District, and it’s capable of simulating flights moving at Mach 30, thirty times the speed... Read more
Chinese scientists announce new ‘intelligent’ material
A team of Chinese scientists have developed an intelligent material that is capable of curving and curling when external pressures are applied. The fluid motion resembles the mechanics observed in nature more closely than previously thought capable, and is planned for use in the soft- and micro-robotics industries. The... Read more
China touches down on Mars in historic landing
For the first time in its history, China has landed a rover on the surface of Mars, becoming the second country, alongside the United States, to successfully touch down. China’s Tianwen or ‘Questions for Heaven’ mission made successful contact with Mars at roughly 19:11pm on the 14th of May... Read more
Chinese space rocket comes back down to earth
Debris from a Chinese Long-March 5B rocket has re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere in an uncontrolled descent, landing in the Arabian Peninsula. The spent part was used to send the core module of China’s ‘Tiangong’ Space Station into orbit in late April 2021. The significant size and mass of the... Read more
Second Chinese electronic vehicle takes on Scandinavian market
Electric vehicle (EV) maker, Nio, has announced plans to expand outside of China. The Tesla rival announced it would start deliveries to Norway by September 2020. Nio joins fellow Chinese EV manufacturer, Xpeng, in Norway, a nation that has more EVs per capita than any other country. The Shanghai-based... Read more
Chinese space station significantly closer to completion
Tianhe or ‘Heavenly Harmony’, China’s core module of its space station was successfully launched into orbit on the 28th of April from Hainan Island, strapped to a Long March 5B rocket. China’s space station – Tiangong or ‘Heavenly Palace’ – is expected to be complete and operational by 2022... Read more
China offers plastic-eating bacteria as waste solution for oceans
With the state of our oceans of critical importance, scientists from China have discovered a plastic-eating bacteria that may be a tool to combat marine pollution. The results have set tongues wagging in the scientific community, but some analysts say more research is needed. A team of researchers from... Read more
China makes strides in new vaccine technology
With the race to produce vaccines one of the biggest challenges of our time, China may soon have its very own domestically produced messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine. The revolutionary vaccine technology has only been applied to the Pfizer-BioNtech and the Moderna vaccines so far and is hailed for... Read more
Chinese engineers use body’s uncrackable code to encrypt data
Chinese engineers have developed a new method of encryption: using infrared radiation from the human body to decrypt sensitive data and create uncrackable passwords. The Chinese engineers from Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University published their findings on using body heat to gain access to, or secure, data in the Proceedings... Read more
Chinese ride hailer, Didi, enters South African market
China’s largest vehicle for hire company, DiDi Chuxing, plans to expand into South Africa, starting with Cape Town. The SoftBank-backed giant is expected to compete with the global ride-hailing giant Uber, according to Reuters. Founded in 2012, the Beijing-based firm has services in more than 400 cities in China... Read more