Connecting Africa to China
China moves to limit nitrous oxide emissions
Chinese chemical and gas company, Linggas, has started to capture and re-use nitrous oxide during nylon production using new technology. The greenhouse gas is 300 times more harmful to the ozone layer than carbon dioxide. The Beijing-based industrial giant, which sells industrial gases used in electronics, recently took strides... Read more
Chinese petrochemical giant to turn coal into fabric
Hengli Petrochemical, one of China’s largest privately-owned companies, has announced a move to turn coal into fabric. The $20 billion undertaking will produce polyester yarn, used in everything from clothing to packaging and bottling, from China’s vast coal reserves. In June, the chemical giant said it would make the... Read more
BYD launches ‘safer’ electric vehicle battery
The world’s second largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, BYD, has launched the “Blade Battery”, which it says will significantly increase driver safety. Company president and chairman, Wang Chuanfu, unveiled the battery via an online launch at the end of March. Wang said the battery design reflects BYD’s commitment to making... Read more