Connecting Africa to China
China helps Kenya to add nuclear to its energy mix
After years of delays and pre-feasibility tests, Kenyan officials have selected two sites for the East African nation’s first nuclear energy production facilities. The project will be run in partnership with China’s National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). Kenya’s Nuclear Power and Energy Authority (NuPEA), scheduled to break ground at the... Read more
Chinese heavyweights team up in EV joint venture
Chinese automotive heavyweight BYD recently committed to running Baidu’s autonomous driving systems in its vehicles, with the partnership expected to boost profitability for both brands. Sources working closely with the companies told South China Morning Post (SCMP) that Baidu’s natively developed autonomous driving platform, Apollo Navigation Pilot (ANP), had... Read more
China perfects rice strain that grows in salt water
A group of Chinese researchers have discovered a method to grow rice crops in saltwater. Scientists close to the experiment are hopeful the novel technique will play a significant role in shoring up China’s food security. Working at the Qingdao Saline-Alkali Tolerant Rica Research and Development Center, Wan Jili... Read more
China puts world’s largest amphibian plane into production
Chinese engineers are preparing test flights for what will be the world’s largest amphibious aircraft. Dubbed the ‘AG600’, the jumbo jet-sized prototype will see most of its service in the South China Sea, where it can move unencumbered between China’s many far-reaching outposts. It tested four engine units for... Read more
China tackles hunger with gene-edited crops
The scientific community has been energised by news that Chinese officials have approved the use of gene-edited crops. Food insecurity is present in some form or another on every continent. Current data estimates that 47 countries, predominantly in Africa, will fail to achieve even ‘low hunger’ in the next... Read more
China-Italy team-up rattles autonomous trucking market
Chinese startup, DeepWay, has teamed up with famed Italian design studio, Pininfarina, to create a semi-autonomous truck. The electrified heavy-duty truck, Xingtu, was designed to improve the efficiency, comfort and sustainability of long-haul transit. Founded in 2020, DeepWay, backed by internet mega-firm, Baidu, disrupted the industry when it announced... Read more
Chinese battery swap service helps drive new EV sales
Chinese-based electric vehicle (EV) battery firm, Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), has launched a battery swapping service. The world’s largest producer of EV batteries says it will allow EV users to swap out batteries in a minute, hopefully alleviating much of the “range-anxiety” experienced by prospective EV owners who might... Read more
Chinese scientists use electricity to boost crop yields
A team of Chinese scientists has developed a little-known method to increase the yields of certain crops using electricity. Working out of Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Sciences, the researchers found that pea yields were increased by almost 20% when a rain- and wind-powered triboelectric nanogenerator was among the plants.... Read more
Chinese robotaxis set for US market
In the final days of 2021, Zeekr, the Geely-owned manufacturer announced it had teamed up with Waymo, one of the United States’ largest self-driving tech companies, to create a fleet of driverless ‘robotaxis’. Zeekr, the year-old electric vehicle (EV) startup, has created a significant disturbance in the industry. According... Read more
Mystery moon hut one of many Chinese rover finds
A “mystery hut” has been spotted on the moon by China’s lunar rover, Yutu 2. The cube-shaped object was first observed in early December and since then has become a focus of mainstream media and the scientific community. It turns out the plucky car-sized rover has made several other... Read more